Safety Guide

Riding Rules

  • Age Restriction

    Beam Solo is restricted to ages 16 and above.

  • Helmet Requirement

    Always wear a helmet as required by law.

  • E-Scooter Security Measures

    Always keep your e-scooter secure when not in use.

  • E-Scooter Parking Guidelines

    Avoid obstructing footpaths when parking e-scooters.

  • Riding Restrictions

    Passengers are not permitted at any time.

  • Riding Safety Precautions

    Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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To learn more New Zealand's road rules governing e-rideables.

Vehicle Charging

Always follow these important steps when charging your Beam Solo.

  • Use only the provided charger

  • Avoid charging in wet or damp conditions

  • Do not leave the e-scooter charging overnight or unattended

  • Keep e-scooter away from flammable materials while charging

  • Check the battery and charger for damage or wear

  • Never plug the battery charger into an extension cord.

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Please refer to the full Vehicle Charging Guide